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The Judge's Marshal:
A Turner Brown Western

Contata: The Beginning is the sixth installment in the story of Turner Brown. Contata highlights Brown's early days in the West, beginning with his Army service on the Powder River Country, continuing through his days as a Deputy US Marshal in Cheyenne, his stint as a deadly saloon peacekeeper in Denver and his ride through Colorado’s San Luis Valley where Brown finds and loses his first true love, sixteen-year-old Elizabeth Meeker, before he finds refuge with two elderly sheep herding brothers. 

The Judge's Marshal is the fifth installment in the Turner Brown series and it begins as Deputy U. S. Marshal Turner Brown is assigned the task of riding to Mesilla, New Mexico to serve as a Judge's Marshal in the investigation of a deadly riot that has killed a dozen innocent by-standers and has shaken the political establishment in the Territorial Capitol. Along the way Brown is forced to deal with a revenge-seeking cowboy with murder in his heart, Apaches on the warpath, an unscrupulous judge and a handful of transplanted Texans who are used to being their own 'final word' on law and justice.

Brown is forced to make a dangerous and illegal foray into Mexico before he can resume his personal quest for redemption.

Ambush on the Rio Puerco is the fourth installment in the Turner Brown series. The story follows Brown from his encounter with the Mormon Avengers that he first battled in The Law in New Mexico then takes  him to lawless Lincoln County, New Mexico.
Ambush on the Rio Puerco is available as both an ebook at as a paperback. Links for booth can be found on this website's 'Buy the Books' page.
The third book in the Turner Brown Series, The Law in New Mexico, is now available as an ebook and in paperback at Amazon.com. Deputy U.S. Marshal Brown agrees to 'do one more job'. Twice. First, he brings law and order to the wide-open town of Las Vegas, New Mexico and then, secondly, he takes on the corrupt interests behind an unscrupulous cattleman who used whiskey and guns to inflame the Apaches. 

Death At The Switchback, the second book in the Turner Brown Westerns series has now been published. 

Death At The Switchback is the story of 'Little Bill' Dolan's deadly robbery of the Santa Fe-to-Albuquerque stagecoach.A gruesome crime that left U.S. Deputy Marshal Turner Brown no choice but to swing into the saddle and hunt down the killers. 

In a challenge to New Mexico's well-connected elite and the Territory's politically corrupt, Brown proves, once again, that one man with courage, a keen eye and a fast draw, can make a difference. 

Aided by a legendary one-time Texas Ranger, a haughty and proud scion of New Mexico's purebred Spanish aristocracy and an arrogant cattle baron's reformed range boss, Turner Brown brings a measure of justice to an often-lawless land. 

The Cowboy Chronicle, the 'Bible' of the Single Action Shooting Society (90,000 Cowboy Action Shooters around the world) wrote:  Death at the Switchback is a gripping story peopled with memorable characters, from a legendary one-time Texas Ranger to a beautiful Spanish aristocrat.  Just likeDeath on the Trail, Yount’s first Turner Brown Western, Death at the Switchback is another outstanding, traditional Western escapade sure to please fans of Western novels.  
In fact, it is Steven Yount’s familiarity with the history of the Old West and his attention to every facet of Western life that makes Death at the Switchback the factual Western adventure that it is.  

Death on the Trail, the first book in the Turner Brown Westerns series, is the story of former U.S. Deputy Marshal Turner Brown, outraged by the murder of three innocent people and in search of absolution for his own past transgressions against the innocent, once again pins on a badge to pursue the callous bank robbers who are responsible for the murders. In the process, he delivers a small measure of justice to an often-lawless land. 

The Cowboy Chronicle, the 'Bible' of the Single Action Shooting Society (90,000 Cowboy Action Shooters around the world) wrote: "Death on the Trail is an excellent, old-fashioned Western adventure with all the riding and shooting a fan of Western novels would expect.  Lots of Indians, too.  And, a little bit of romance thrown in for good measure. 
What makes Death on the Trail a true Western adventure is author Steven Yount’s knowledge of Western history and attention to detail." 

Reader reaction to Death on the Trail and Turner Brown: 
"I think Turner Brown is a stand up guy. (I)t's nice that he worries about his soul every time he takes someone out. If I'm ever shot as a horse thief or whore beater, I hope the guy feels downright awful about it. I thoroughly enjoyed it."
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